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Kick Off Cup Check-in

Kick Off Check In 2018


There will be no onsite/game day check ins

-Check-ins/registrations are due by: 10 PM August 24th,  2018

-All teams will receive a confirmation email stating that their checkin documents were complete no later than: 10 PM Wednesday  Aug 29th, 2018

-Online Check in registration documents must include:

  • US Club/USYSA/USAA approved Roster (NOT the GotSoccer Roster)
  • US Club/USYSA/USAA player cards
  • GPS Tournament player Waiver.  ALL players must fill out and upload.  Waiver form found here  (Waiver Form).
  • Guest Player Registration 

-No changes to the verified roster after 5pm on Wednesday August 29th  

-Instructions for check-in uploading instructions can be found below: PLEASE READ CAREFULLY

-All check in questions please email

Step 1- Sign in using the username and password used to register your team for the tournament

Step 2- Click on the documents tab 

Step 3- From the drop down box choose which file you would like to upload

For this tournament you are required to upload the following:




Step 4- Choose the correct file from your documents and click “Upload File”

Choose the correct file from your documents and click “Upload File”

Step 5- Uploaded files will appear as shown below 

Step 6- Upon acceptance of your online registration a tick will appear inside the verified column

Please note: Online check-in must be submitted one week before tournament kick off.